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My Family


The mixed media on canvas series "Mi Familia" (My Family), deals with the relations between individuals and their immediate (familiar) habitat, exploring aspects that go beyond the physical.


"...the series My Family, composed of renderings midway between narrative figuration and pop portriat painting, in which the author proposes a sociological exploration of the family environment resorting to evocations of the graphic memorabilia related to his personal experiences. The compiled images are recreated and distributed on the two-dimentionality of the canvas through a metaphorical rearrangement and a brush that disguises or highlights the figure, incorporating symbols, or sophisticating the chromatic saturations to re-contextualize the signification of a visual record which has been, until that moment, a simple recollection and now submits to intellectual revisitation."

Jesus Rosado-West

Hector Maldonado: The Moore Building, Miami

Arte al Dia Internacional

International Magazine of Contemporary Art 



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