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Void Toys


"A group of sculptures that look like toys, are part of everyday objects, a horse that one of its legs is a more advanced, a couple, a small tree; in each of these there is a story, a small fable, they all inhabit in white drawers protruding from the wall, open drawers that show their poetic content; something else of his world that the artist decided to generously share with us".


Nereida García-Ferraz

Septiembre 22, 2011

Bienvenido a casa/Welcome Home

Museo de Las Américas

Antiguo Cuartel de Ballaja


"...Void Toys,...series of pieces that the artist himself qualifies as "mutant objects" and whose assemblage is derived from the Duchampian tradition of the object-trouve. These small structures made of found objects and zealously kept for years - with a playful feeling rather than with an intention to ehhibit them - completes Maldonado's aesthetic recycling. The timeless freshness of these mini-altar-pieces, whose elaborate naivety insinuates certain critical comentary on consumption, closes with the spontaneous charm of its origins the epic of the retrospective journey.


Jesus Rosado-West

October 9, 2010

Blood & Toys II

The Moore Building

Design District, Miami


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